Breadworm, also known as yellow mealworms, has a very high nutritional value, with very rich protein content, even higher than eggs, beef, lamb, and other conventional animal foods, and is very easy to digest and absorb, so it is often used as feed. The survival rate of bullfrogs can be more than 95%, the egg production rate of egg-laying birds can be increased by 20%, and the rearing cycle of snappers will be shortened by more than half a year if yellow mealworms are used as feed.

Therefore, bread worm has a very broad development prospect and the market demand is huge, and more and more farmers start to breed bread warm. But the breeding and processing of mealworms is not an easy task and often requires a lot of professional knowledge, especially the drying of mealworms, the quality of which will directly determine the final economic benefits.

How to improve the drying quality of bread worms has become a problem, microwave oven is a very common household appliance, many people want to use the microwave to dry bread worms, is it feasible?

Can you microwave mealworms

The nutrients retained by the dried mealworms will last longer than the live ones and are more suitable for export. Therefore, drying is a very important processing procedure for mealworms. Using a microwave oven can achieve fast drying, but it is only suitable for drying in small batches. Down. Microwave Drying can effectively sterilize during the heating process, and the dried mealworms are of higher quality than those dried by conventional drying methods.

Microwave Drying:

1. Lay the mealworms flat in the tray, the thickness is about 2cm, try not to be too thick, to prevent uneven drying.

2. Put the neatly arranged tray into the microwave oven and use low power to heat for about 10 minutes.

3. After the heating stops, observe the state of the mealworms, and if the desired drying effect is not achieved, heat again for about 5 minutes.

4. Repeat this action until the bread warm is finished drying.

Microwave Drying is well accepted by insect farmers, not only for drying bread worms, but also for drying black gadflies, crickets, earthworms, and other insects, but if you have a large bread worm farm, a microwave oven obviously cannot meet your needs, you need to use the more professional Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine.

Microwave Drying Equipment uses the same highly advanced Microwave Drying Technology, but with superior performance and better drying results. The microwave can act directly on the inside of the mealworms, making the bread warm itself become the heating body, heating inside and outside at the same time, thus achieving rapid and uniform drying, and at the same time the puffing effect is more obvious, and the dried bread worm has a very obvious improvement in appearance, color, and nutritional value.

As a professional manufacturer Of Microwave Equipment, we deeply understand the needs of mealworms farmers, so we have developed hundreds of different sizes of Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer, and we can also customize Microwave Sterilization Equipment according to the needs of Microwave Equipment customers.

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