Insects such as black gadfly and yellow mealworm are very rich in nutritional value and have significant economic benefits as feed, which are highly favored in the market. The drying and processing of insects is the key to determining the quality of yellow mealworms and is the main processing direction of insects in the future.

Yellow mealworms, crickets, and other insects can only be preserved and exported after drying, so if we want to further improve the economic benefits of insect farming, we need to improve the drying quality of insects. There are many methods of drying, and most of the manufacturers in modern industrial processing are using Microwave Drying, so can microwave ovens be used for drying insects?

Can a microwave oven be used for drying

The answer is, of course, yes, Microwave Drying is the most ideal way to dry, for small insect farmers, you can use a home microwave oven for the drying process, only a small microwave oven can be used to dry insects to meet the export quality.

When drying insects in a microwave oven, you need to use between 40% and 50% of the heat, avoiding high temperatures to prevent the insects from overheating and affecting the quality of the insects, and also pay attention to the heating time, which can be 10 to 15 minutes. If the insects do not meet your ideal drying standard, you can dry them again for about 5 minutes until you can get a satisfactory insect.

If you are a large insect farmer, you need to use the professional Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine for drying, LOYAL can provide hundreds of different sizes and models of Maggots Drying Machine Line for insect farmers.

For 2022 product specifications and the latest Microwave Sterilization Equipment Prices.

Microwave Operating Frequency2450MHZ2450MHZ2450MHZ2450MHZ
Microwave Power30kw60kw100kw200kw
Inlet and outlet height10mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 
Conveyor width900mm900mm900mm900mm
Microwave Drying Equipment Price1000USD2000USD3000USD4000USD

Microwave Drying Equipment Price is our updated promotional price in 2022, for more details please contact our professional technical team of Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment.

Insects such as yellow mealworms and black soldier flies are instantly killed and rapidly expanded by microwaves when they enter the Microwave Drying Equipment, and then continue to be dehydrated by the action of microwaves, resulting in drying and expansion. The moisture content of the dried insects processed by the professional Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine is easy to control, with uniform drying, no discoloration, and no destruction of nutrients, which greatly improves the quality.

Advantages of Maggots Drying Machine Line.

1Food-grade stainless steel material, reliable quality, durable, easy to clean, and long service life.
2The microwave acts directly on the inside of the insect, heating inside and outside at the same time, short drying time, and uniform drying.
3It can play a very good sterilization effect, and the dried insects have higher hygiene standards.
4Larva Dryer Baking Equipment adopts a low-temperature drying method, which will not destroy the nutrients of insects.
5The production method is fully automated and can achieve 24-hour continuous production.

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