Loyal is a high-tech enterprise that is engaged in R&D, sales, design, production, and service of Insect Microwave Drying Equipment. The technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Industrial Microwave Dryer is different from the traditional way, with the characteristics of fast speed, high precision, and uniform heating effect. It not only can quickly Dry a black gadfly, but also can achieve the sterilization effect, guarantee the quality and shelf life of a black gadfly, and also ensure the safety of operators during the operation, which is the first choice of many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line Process flow.

Live black gadfly is put into the inlet hopper of Industrial Drying Equipment → Black gadfly is conveyed into the chamber of Drying Machine by conveyor belt → Industrial Drying Equipment comes with strong air cooling → The black gadfly is cooled after Drying → It is put into the packing bag for storage.

About 2022 product specifications and the latest Larva Dryer Drying Machine Price:

Larva Dryer Drying Machine Model HSM-150 HSM-200 HSM-350
Dimension(mm) 3500*2000*3500 5000*3500*5000 7480*4000*7500
Microwave power (KW) 40 50 60
Ambient temperature(℃) 5-40
Microwave input apparent rate (KVA) ≤25
Microwave output power (KW) ≥20
Larva Dryer Drying Machine Production capacity (KG/H) 750 860 980
Microwave frequency (MHz) 2450±50 2450±50 2450±50
Larva Dryer Drying Machine Price($) 36100 43800 57200
The price of this Larva Dryer Drying Machine is an upgrade price for 2022. Please contact our Larva Dryer Drying Machine team

Microwave Drying Equipment features.

1、 Can be customized to run according to the processed products.

2, the whole use of stainless steel, Microwave Systems core components developed in-house or using industry standards.

3、 Microwave Drying heating uniformity.

4、 PLC human-machine interface or button control, temperature and humidity control, highly automated and humanized.

5、 Microwave Drying Equipment power: 8~200KW adjustable.

6、 Microwave Drying Equipment has tunnel type, cabinet type, etc.

7、 Cabinet type black water gadfly has a turntable, hanging basket, or static placement.

8、 The tunnel type can produce black gadfly from in to out in a few minutes by feeding black gadfly into and out of the tunnel.

9、Saving time, process and investment, high output.

Industrial Larva Microwave Drying Equipment Advantages.

Industrial Larva Microwave Drying Equipment Advantages
1 Black gadfly is heated evenly, heat exchange is sufficient, Drying intensity is high, energy saving 30%-50% than ordinary Drying Machine.
2 The vibration source is driven by a vibrating motor, with a balanced operation, easy maintenance, low noise, and long life.
3 Uniform fluidization, no dead space and blow through phenomenon, can get uniform Drying, cooling, and humidification of black water gadfly.
4 Good adjustability, wide adaptability, step-less adjustment of black gadfly thickness, moving speed in Drying Machine, and full amplitude change.
5 Less damage to the surface of the black gadfly and no effect when the black gadfly is irregular.
6 The fully enclosed structure effectively prevents cross-infection between the black gadfly and the outside air and provides a clean working environment.
7 Vibration helps to disperse the black gadfly.
8 Less damage to the black gadfly and the nutrients of the black gadfly are destroyed during the drying process.
9 Industrial Larva Microwave Drying Equipment has good uniformity.
10 Simplified production process, easy operation, and control, no screening after Drying, reduced production process, improved quality of black gadfly, adjustable, controlled, and managed by changing operating conditions within a certain range.

Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant services.

1. All Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant support free trial, black gadfly need to bring their own, please make a reservation in advance before use.

2. Free one-on-one consultation and customized production plan.

3. Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant will be installed, debugged, and tested by relevant personnel to ensure normal and stable operation.

4. Free technical training and proper operation specification will be provided.

5. All Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant are provided with a “three packages” policy, warranty within one year, and lifetime maintenance.

6. During the warranty period, Loyal will reply to you within 24 hours after receiving your notification of any malfunction of the Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant and will arrange for technical personnel to come to the site within 24 hours to help you solve the actual problem.

2021 Customer Order Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment
1 750kg/H Self Constant Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in New Zealand
2 750kg/H Fully Automatic Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven for sale in Zambia
3 860kg/H Customized one Pollution-free Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer for sale in France
4 980kg/H Pollution-free Insect Microwave Drying Equipment in Europe Factory
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven At 2021
1 UK Customer 980kg/H Customized one Fully Automatic Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven
2 Nigerian Customer 860kg/H Fully Automatic Microwave Drying Equipment
3 Canadian customer 860kg/H Customized one Multi-purpose Larva Dryer Drying Machine
4 750kg/H Fully Automatic Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Thailand

Frequently asked questions about Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant.

1. What is the structure of Microwave Drying Equipment?

Microwave Drying Equipment is made of stainless steel, PLC automatic control or button control, adjustable power, automatic temperature control system, system, conveyor belt automatic deflection system, conveyor frequency conversion speed control system, black gadfly inlet, outlet system, etc. Microwave tube is made of foreign brands, the transformer can choose oil-immersed water circulation cooling type or air-cooled type, which can work continuously for 24 hours. It can work continuously for 24 hours.

2. What about the installation of the Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant?

Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant will be installed, commissioned, and test run by relevant technicians to ensure normal operation. At the same time, we will provide free technical training and video instruction to ensure your correct operation specification.

Loyal has more than ten years of production experience and an excellent technical team and is a large-scale and strong technical strength manufacturer of Microwave Black Soldier Fly Drying Plant in China. Loyal is looking forward to cooperating with you!