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Microwave Drying is an advanced heating Drying technology with high thermal efficiency, short processing time, uniform and consistent Drying, and less destructive to yellow mealworms, etc. It has been widely used in food, medicine and feed processing, etc. For Drying yellow mealworms, adopting Microwave Drying is undoubtedly an ideal method.

Industrial Microwave Drying Machine performance.

1. Uniform heating. Since the heat comes directly from the inside of Drying yellow mealworms, the loss of heat in the surrounding medium is very small, plus the Microwave heating chamber itself does not absorb heat, does not absorb Microwave, and all the emission acts on the yellow mealworms, so the heating is uniform.

2. Microwave can instantly penetrate the heated yellow mealworm, only need to heat for a few seconds to a few minutes, no preheating. Stop heating is also instantaneous, with no residual heat.

3. Easy to control, convenient, and flexible operation. Automatic control of heating time and Drying temperature.

4. Microwave can act directly on the yellow powder worm, less energy loss.

5. All made of industrial-grade stainless steel.

Yellow Mealworm Sterilizing Drying Machine working principle.

1. Yellow Mealworm Sterilizing Drying Machine transmission method can be divided into the belt, chain plate, chain type, etc.

2. It is mainly used for heating, drying, sterilizing, and puffing of Yellow Mealworm, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy-saving, and so on.

3. When Yellow Mealworm Sterilizing Drying Machine is running, Microwave is fed into the drying box by Microwave generating device through the feed-in waveguide, and Yellow Mealworm is continuously sent into the drying box by conveyor belt.

4. The water molecules in Yellow Mealworm are rotated rapidly under the action of an external high-speed alternating electromagnetic field, so the molecules generate violent friction and heat, resulting in the evaporation of water to achieve the purpose of Drying.

Equipment parameters of Microwave Drying Equipment.

Equipment parameters of Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer
Model BC-10 BC-20 BC-30 BC-40
Dimension(mm) 1300*1500*1400 1500*1800*1700 1800*1800*2000 2000*2400*2500
Microwave Frequency (MHZ) 2450±50
Output Power (KW) 10 30 60 100
Input power (KVA) 15 45 90 150
Temperature control range (℃)) 0-500
Production capacity (kg/h) 600 700 800 900
Microwave leakage Better than national safety standards (<5mw/cm²)
Better than national safety standards (<5mw/cm²) Temperature identification system / Water flow identification system / Access control identification system / Fault alarm system / Fault control identification system
Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer Price ($) 70000 74000 76000 78000
Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer Price is the latest promotion price in 2022, please contact our Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer team for other questions.

Microwave Sterilization Equipment Manufacturer’s Features.

Microwave Sterilization Equipment manufacturer’s features.
1 To provide you with advice on markets, Microwave Sterilization Equipment, processes, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging, etc.
2 Assist you with Microwave Sterilization Equipment selection, process design, plant layout optimization, and if needed, on-site service.
3 We can design a compensation plan for raw material changes for your Microwave Sterilization Equipment, conduct on-site demonstrations and provide various basic formulas.
4 We can design and manufacture and apply tests according to your needs and provide targeted training.
5 Design reasonable packing and transportation plan for you, do transportation on your behalf, send technical personnel to your home for installation and commissioning, and train personnel.
6 Equipment warranty for 1 year, long-term preferential, supply spare parts.
7 Undertake the design and processing of similar imported equipment parts.

Microwave sterilization is Microwave and its bacteria and other microbial direct interaction, thermal and non-thermal effect together, to achieve rapid warming sterilization effect, the processing time is greatly reduced, and through Microwave sterilization and preservation technology, not only will not destroy the original nutrients of the yellow mealworm, health indicators can be completely below the regional food hygiene standards. It can completely reach the export-grade standard of yellow mealworms, and at the same time greatly extend the shelf life of yellow mealworms.

2021 Insect Microwave Drying Equipment customer transaction cases.

2021 Insect Microwave Drying Equipment customer transactions
1 900kg/hIndustrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer sold in Thailand
2 700kg/h Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven in the Philippines
3 700kg/h Industrial Conveyor Larva Microwave Drying Equipmentsold in Canada
4 800kg/h Industrial Drying Equipment for sale in the UK
Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven customer buyback
1 600kg/H Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line for sale in the Netherlands
2 900kg/H Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine for Colombian customer
3 600kg/H Microwave Drying Machine sold in Zambia
4 800kg/H Larva Dryer Drying Machine for sale in Nigeria

Frequently asked questions about the Industrial Conveyor Larva Drying Machine.

1. Why Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment is popular?

Safety and hygiene. The whole is made of industrial grade stainless steel, food-grade standard, safe and hygienic, no pollution; energy saving, and high efficiency. Microwave Drying can save more than 30% of energy cost, improve productivity by 60%, and improve the quality of yellow mealworms, which is economical and cost-effective.

Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment only consumes electrical energy, which will not cause environmental pollution and pollutant materials, clean, sanitary, safe, and reliable; improve labor conditions. The overall use of PLC touch screen control, human-machine interface full automatic control operation, high degree of automation, greatly improve the labor conditions.

2. Can Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line be customized?

Before producing Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line, we will make a thorough design and propose a specific implementation plan based on your quality process requirements and joint application experiments, and then we will manufacture the machine after obtaining your consensus. We also provide installation, training, commissioning, and warranty services.

Loyal has adopted the international advanced scientific research technology, in practice, to unveil the mystery of the new field of Microwave energy application. through continuous efforts and progress, Loyal has manufactured Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Equipment that can enable customers in industry, wood products, and other industries to reduce production energy consumption, improve production efficiency and quality of yellow mealworms. You can choose us with confidence and we look forward to hearing from you!