Loyal has a development department, a production department, a sales department, and other departments, Microwave application engineers, Microwave application professors, and managers with over ten years of technical design capability. In addition, we have a group of new technical personnel to manufacture and process Microwave Drying Equipment and are equipped with modern management mechanisms.

Insect Microwave Drying Equipment is an emerging Drying technology with the advantages of fast drying speed and good quality. It can also play the role of uniform and thorough sterilization; yellow mealworms do not change sex and maintain the nutrients and the original flavor. It has become the preferred Insect Microwave Drying Equipment for many yellow mealworm farmers.

Larva Dryer Equipment process flow.

Live yellow mealworms are put into the feed hopper of Larva Dryer Equipment → Yellow mealworms are conveyed into the chamber of the Drying Machine by conveyor belt → Larva Dryer Equipment comes with strong air to cool the Drying yellow mealworms → Finished yellow mealworms are put into the packing bag. For storage.

Microwave Drying Machine Features.

Microwave Drying Machine features.
1 High performance, high reliability, and long service life.
2 Continuous 24 hours operation.
3 Adopt Panasonic or HTC magnetron to extend the service life.
4 Strong welding in all parts, not easy to deformation.
5 Outputs can be customized according to your needs.
6 Fine artistry, solid, and high quality.

Equipment parameters of Larva Dryer Equipment.

Larva Dryer Equipment’s equipment parameters
Model L-20 L-21 L-22 L-23
Dimension (mm) 1000*800*1100 2000*1100*1200 3000*1200*1350 3500*3000*3000
Ambient temperature(℃) 5-40 5-40 5-40 5-40
Microwave Temperature control range(℃) 0-200 0-200 0-200 0-200
Microwave Output frequency(MHZ) 2450±50 2450±50 2450±50 2450±50
Conveyor speed (m/min) 0-10 0-12 0-14 0-15
Production capacity(kg/h) 500 600 700 800
Apparent power(kvA) 35 36 37 38
Power(kw) 10 15 20 25
Drying efficiency(kg/h) 4.5-4.8 5-5.2 5.4-5.8 6.2-6.4
Conveyor width(mm) 900
Larva Dryer Equipment Price ($) 78000 96000 100000 120000
Larva Dryer Equipment Price is the latest promotion price for 2022, and please contact our Microwave Drying Machine team for other questions.

Benefits of the Insects Microwave Drying Machine.

1. High efficiency: More than four times more efficient than traditional methods.

2. Uniform heating: Because Microwave heating is simultaneous inside and outside of the insects, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the insects is very small. It will not traditionally produce inconsistent heating conditions and improve the quality of yellow mealworm drying.

3. Easy to control: It is convenient for continuous production and automation because the Microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia.

Easy to control instantly, easy to adjust, and determined the process parameters.

4. Insects Microwave Drying Machine is small and easy to install and maintain.

5. Good quality of yellow mealworms: compared with the traditional method, the quality of the processed yellow mealworms has been improved substantially.

6. Insects Microwave Drying Machine has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, the yellow mealworms are safe and hygienic, and the shelf life can be extended.

7. Energy saving, consumption reduction, improving the quality of yellow mealworms, safety and hygiene, low investment cost.

Insects Microwave Drying Machine after-sales service.

Insects Microwave Drying Machine after-sales service:
Training Guidance Acceptance After-sales Service Check before acceptance After-sale service
We have a technical guidance and training team to guide the operators you arrange for free. We have established a set of production quality management systems: Implementing comprehensive quality control for raw materials, undercutting, welding, assembly, testing, and other processes; Preparing inspection items and inspection methods for raw materials, main components, and accessories; and 100% test machines before leaving the field. Delivery and acceptance are not the ends of service but the beginning of service. During the Drying operation of the yellow flour worm, professional after-sales service personnel debug on-site until the Drying out of the finished yellow flour worm, determine the Drying process, and guide you to the correct use and maintenance.
From planning the site, designing the installation base plan and flow chart to installation and commissioning, professional technical guidance and training are provided by experienced engineers. After the installation is completed, we ask you to carry out acceptance, comprehensive inspection, test whether the function and quality are consistent with the contract description, and promptly solve the problems you raised during the acceptance process. You only need to call to get a professional engineer’s timely response, 24-hour on-site processing, professional training and communication, and another full service.

2021 Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment’s customer closings.

2021 Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer customer transaction
1 500kg/h Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven sold in Thailand
2 600kg/h Industrial Tunnel Conveyor Larva Drying Machine for sale in Hong Kong
3 700kg/h Industrial Microwave Drying Machine for Canadian customer
Insects Microwave Drying Machine customer repurchase
1 700kg/H Fully Automatic Larva Dryer Equipment for sale in Denmark
2 800kg/H Pollution-free Microwave Drying Equipment sold in India
3 500kg/H Insect Microwave Drying Equipment for a customer in Colombia

Frequently asked questions about Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. What is the principle of Microwave Drying Equipment sterilization?

Microwave Drying Equipment mainly plays the role of sterilization; the traditional way of heat sterilization is through heat conduction, convection, or radiation to transfer heat from the surface to the inside of the yellow flour worm; to reach the sterilization temperature, it often takes a long time.

Microwave sterilization is Microwave can act directly with bacteria and other microorganisms in the yellow meal insects, the thermal and non-thermal effects together to achieve rapid warming purposes, and the processing time is greatly reduced. Sterilization evenly and thoroughly, low-temperature sterilization, yellow flour worm does not change, can maintain the nutrients and the original flavor.

2. Microwave Drying Equipment Why is it popular?

Adopt a unique Microwave source and its control technology to ensure the Microwave source system works continuously and stably in various complex environments for a long time and all day long; adopt the standard special Microwave transmission system to feed energy evenly to yellow mealworms to ensure uniform heating inside and outside of yellow mealworms and effectively avoid the phenomenon of high local temperature of yellow mealworms; safe and reliable Microwave design ensures Microwave leakage < 2mw/cm², which is far better than the national standard.

Loyal is dedicated to providing the most practical, perfect, and efficient pre-sales and after-sales service for every Industrial Insects Microwave Drying Machine customer; Loyal is equipped with several experimental production lines. We welcome you to experience and look forward to your visit!