Insect Microwave Drying Equipment is a low-cost machine manufactured by Loyal using advanced technology. It can be used to dehydrate and dry various insects (e.g., yellow mealworms), expand them, and sterilize processed mealworms.

Microwave Sterilization Equipment‘s flexible operation, uniform temperature, good puffing, high automation, programmable control, 24-hour non-stop operation, reasonable design, and complete functions not only save time but also reduce production costs, making it the first choice for customers of food processing companies!

Microwave Drying Equipment Role.

Microwave Drying Equipment Role.
1 Drying time is short, the aroma of yellow flour worm is strong.
2 Drying temperature is low and uniform, and the color of yellow mealworms is bright.
3 Selective heating. Because water molecules absorb the Microwave best, the part with high water content absorbs more Microwave power than the part with lower water content. This is the characteristic of selective heating, using this characteristic can achieve uniform heating and uniform drying.
4 Drying dehydration of water and gas directly from the inside to the outside. Therefore, Microwave Drying has a puffing effect, which is very helpful for the subsequent crushing.
5 Energy-saving and efficient, Microwave is directly on the role of the yellow flour worm, so there is no additional heat loss, the air inside the oven and the corresponding container will not heat, so the thermal efficiency is very high, the production environment is also significantly improved, compared with far-infrared heating can save 30% of electricity.
6 Easy to control the process. Compared with the conventional way, ready to use; no thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; Microwave power-adjustable.
Microwave heating, drying, no waste water, no waste gas, is a safe and harmless high-tech. Improving the quality of yellow powder worms and bringing economic benefits!

Equipment parameters of Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment.

Equipment parameters of Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment
Model BX-30 BX-40 BX-50 60
Microwave Output power 30 (kw) 60 (kw) 100 (kw) 300 (kw)
Microwave Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension 1500*1000*1200(mm) 2000*1500*2000(mm) 2000*2000*2000(mm) 2500*2000*3000(mm)
Temperature 0-200℃
Moisture dewatering capacity 15(kg/h) 30(kg/h) 45(kg/h) 60(kg/h)
Industrial Drying Equipment Production capacity 500-550 (kg/h) 600-650 (kg/h) 700-750 (kg/h) 800-850 (kg/h)
Industrial Drying Equipment Price 7500 ($) 7800 ($) 8600 ($) 8800 ($)
Industrial Drying Equipment Price is the latest promotion price for 2022, please contact our Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven team for other questions

Differences between Insect Microwave Sterilization Equipment and traditional methods.

Insect Microwave Sterilization Equipment vs.Traditional method
——————– Traditional method Microwave Dryer
Efficiency Low efficiency, heat transfer from inside to outside Microwave penetrates this material and acts directly on the water molecules, Drying is fast and takes only 3-5 minutes
Drying result Uneven inside and outside of yellow mealworms Low-temperature Drying, uniform inside and outside
Quality and appearance Easy to change the color and quality of yellow mealworms Improve the quality of yellow mealworms
Energy use Low energy utilization and high waste Energy-saving more than 40% compared to the traditional method
The Sterilization No, The Sterilization effect Microwave Drying is accompanied by a Sterilization effect, which guarantees the shelf life of yellow mealworms.
Accessories Plastic tube, common rubber seal Copper tube, soft metal seal, pneumatic calibration device Mechanical diagram

Features of the Industrial Breadworm Microwave Sterilization Equipment.

1.3-5min rapid Drying. 2450MHZ ultra-high frequency Microwave with 2.45 billion vibrations per second can complete the dehydration Drying of yellow mealworms in a very short time.

2. Internal and external heating at the same time, evenly heated. Different from the traditional hot air Drying principle, Microwave Drying relies on high-frequency Microwaves to drive the water molecules of the material to vibrate to make the yellow meal insects heat themselves, which can achieve a simultaneous heating effect inside and outside.

3. Temperature sensing, to prevent overheating. Equipped with a high-sensitivity temperature sensor, real-time monitoring of Microwave Drying temperature to prevent damage to the yellow meal insects.

4. The Sterilization synchronization disinfection function. High-frequency Microwave can stop bacterial metabolism, triggering bacterial DNA chain breakage, effectively killing bacteria, viruses, parasites, eggs, and other harmful substances in the yellow flour worm.

5. Cooling system, long service life. Are equipped with an air-cooled/water-cooled cooling system, effectively maintain the working temperature of precision components to extend the service life, can achieve 24 hours of continuous work.

6. Prevent Microwave leakage and protect personnel safety. Adopt multiple anti-leakage measures, in line with GMP, FDA production standards, effectively prevent Microwave leakage, to protect the personal safety of the operator.

7. Blunt the oxidase activity. Microwave can blunt the oxidase activity inside the yellow mealworm, prevent the yellow mealworm from oxidation and discoloration under its action, and Microwave Drying the yellow mealworm under the premise of maintaining its inherent color and nutrition.

Examples of customer transactions for Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment in 2021.

2021 Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment customer transactions
1 Zambian customer 800-850kg/h Microwave Drying Equipment
2 Indian customers 600-650kg/h Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment
3 New Zealand customers 500-550kg/h Insect Microwave Drying Equipment
Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment customer buy-back
1 700-750kg/H Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven for sale in the UK
2 500-550kg/H Larva Dryer Drying Machine for sale in Braz
3 800-850kg/H Fully Automatic Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Thailand

Frequently asked questions about the Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. What are the applications of Industrial Breadworm Microwave Drying Equipment?

The Microwave Dryer is mainly used for Drying insects such as yellow mealworms, breed worms, grasshoppers, turtles, black gadfly, etc. It can greatly maintain the taste, color, and nutrients of insects. It is a safe and harmless high technology with energy-saving and time-saving.

2. How to install Insect Microwave Drying Equipment?

For all-in-one models, no assembly is required, but for models that require assembly, Loyal will provide free training courses and also assign professional technicians to guide the installation and commissioning.

Loyal has introduced new technology to research and manufacture Microwave Dryer, which has the advantages of fast speed, energy-saving production, uniform Drying, clean production, easy to achieve automatic control, and improved quality of yellow meal insects, etc. Loyal has a lot of experience in the field of Microwave Dryer, welcome you to visit and experience it, and look forward to cooperating with you!