Since its establishment, Loyal has been adhering to the business principles of people-oriented and integrity. Combining advanced technology with more than ten years of experience, we strive to be the supplier of Insect Microwave Drying Equipment to our customers.

Industrial Tunnel Conveyor Larva Drying Machine drying black water gadfly fast, efficient, short time, easy to achieve continuous production of large quantities; advanced process, simple operation, low technical requirements for personnel; the whole process without any pollutants generated, compared to other ways of Drying water saving more than 30%, in line with national Environmental protection requirements.

Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment’s application scope.

1. Applicable to the processing of various insects such as yellow mealworm, black gadfly, silkworm cocoon, etc. Drying and powder making.

2. For industries such as food, agricultural products, wood, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, etc. Flexible operation, uniform temperature, good expansion, high automation, programmable control, 24-hour uninterrupted operation.

About 2022 product specifications and latest Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine Price:

Larva Dryer Baking Equipment Model LZZ-10 LZZ-11 LZZ-12 LZZ-13
Standard output (KG/H) 400 700 800 950
Drying capacity Strong
Operation Continuous type
Heating method Microwave heating
Microwave output power 80 90 95 customized
Microwave frequency 2450±50 2450±50 2450±50 2450±50
Inlet and outlet meat port 50 60 70 80
Input power (V/HZ) 380/50 380/50 customized customized
Dimension(mm) 1500*1000*1100 1500*1500*1650 2000*1500*2000 2000*2500*2500
Larva Dryer Baking Equipment Price($) 42000 45000 50000 64000
The price of this Larva Dryer Baking Equipment is an upgrade price for 2022. Please contact our Larva Dryer Baking Equipment team

Features of Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. No deformation of the black gadfly. In the process of drying and maturing, the shape of the black gadfly can be kept unchanged and the degree of expansion is high.

2. Advanced technology, PLC fully automatic control system, can realize automatic control.

3. Excellent quality. Keep the color and freshness of black gadfly, less water and nutrient loss of black gadfly, low bacteria content.

4. Drying uniformity. Black gadfly is uniform inside and outside, good effect, obvious expansion, easy to crush.

5. Improve the quality: Drying also sterilizes the black gadfly, shortening the processing process and improving the quality of the black gadfly.

6. Save manpower. Streamline production process, easy to operate, low personnel requirements, 1-2 people can complete the operation, saving labor costs.

7. Microwave Drying Equipment can be customized according to different needs such as output and size.

Microwave Drying Equipment at the end of use.

Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven after use.
1 Every day after use, wipe the surface with a cotton cloth to keep it clean and tidy and to reduce the difficulty of cleaning it later.
2 Do inspection before starting the machine, especially check whether the parts are loose, whether the motor oil level is insufficient, etc.
3 Clean up the dust collection box every day, pour out all the dust, and then keep ventilation to play the best Drying effect.

The new environment-friendly and energy-saving Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line developed and produced by Loyal can be used for fast Drying of insects such as black gadfly, yellow mealworms, silkworm pupae, fly maggots, etc. The color of the insects such as black gadfly and yellow mealworms after Drying is beautiful. At the same time, it saves labor, with one end feeding and one end discharging, high automation, and low labor intensity, and the dried black gadfly is golden in color and has a high selling price.

2021 Microwave Drying Equipment’s customer transaction cases.

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Microwave Drying Equipment
1 400kg/H Customized One Fully Automatic Microwave Drying Machine sold in Thailand
2 800kg/H Pollution-free Larva Dryer Drying Machine in the Philippines
3 French customer 700kg/H A Multifunctional Microwave Drying Equipment
4 800kg/H Fully Automatic Insect Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Nigeria
2021 Microwave Drying Equipment Sold to Customer
1 950kg/H Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment in Europe Factory
2 700kg/H Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer for sale in India
3 400kg/H Customized One Intelligent Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven for UK customer
4 950kg/HIndustrial Conveyor Larva Microwave Drying Equipment in Brazil

Frequently asked questions about Microwave Sterilization Equipment.

1. What should we prepare if we plan to do a black gadfly Drying project?

First, we need to know the original moisture content of the gadfly and the final moisture content you want to get after Drying the gadfly. Secondly, we need to know what is your required capacity per hour of Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer or what is your desired daily production of black gadfly.

What kind of fuel do you want to use to power the Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer, coal, natural gas, electricity, or whatever you want. We can recommend the most accurate and suitable model according to your requirements and design a matching heating system for your project.

2. What is the use of black gadfly after Drying?

The fatty acid and protein content of black gadfly is high, the crude protein content is similar to that of sunflower seeds and broad beans, but the fat content is higher. The most important thing is that there are no harmful bacteria such as Salmonella in the worm’s body, so it can be added to feed to improve the quality of feed.

Black gadfly feeds on household garbage and poultry manure and likes to grow in moist environments, which can be used to help treat organic waste. Studies have shown that the content and species of harmful bacteria present in the manure treated with it will be significantly reduced, and there will be almost no odor, and the texture will be discolored and soft, which can be used as organic fertilizer to achieve resource recycling.

The larvae of black gadfly can treat burn wounds and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can be used in medical resources and medicinal applications.

Loyal has more than 10 years of experience in Microwave Sterilization Equipment production and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the process of black gadfly processing and production. We are happy to support you in any way we can to promote the rapid development of the breeding and food industries together, and look forward to working with you!