Since its establishment, Loyal has built up a stable professional team with high technical standards by continuously observing the market development and introducing technical talents. Advanced Insect Microwave Drying Equipment, strong technical and human strength, has won the trust of customers in the wood, building materials, ceramics, and other industries.

Microwave heating does not need fuel, no boiler, no pollution, no energy consumption, no heat conduction, uniform heating, black water gadfly inside and outside the same time to raise the temperature, Drying speed is surprisingly fast. Widely used, easy to operate, safe, and pollution-free, in line with food hygiene standards.

Drying process of Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. Drying of live black gadfly needs to be completed in a short time, but a longer drying time directly affects the quality of the finished black gadfly, which is easily discolored and blackened.

2. Microwave Drying Equipment has instant heating Drying function without preheating, Microwave is different from the traditional heating method, Microwave has a penetrating and different heating principle, it can instantly heat the inside of black gadfly and directly kill black gadfly to achieve puffing effect.

3. The Microwave Drying Equipment can be operated by one person without manual labor, which saves labor.

4. Microwave Drying Equipment can add cooling function for finished black gadfly, so it can be packed directly and no longer need to wait for cooling and cooling, which can meet the requirement of flowing operation.

Industrial Microwave Drying Machine working principle.

1. The black gadfly is heated up rapidly by repeated friction between the electromagnetic field of the Microwave, thus achieving the purpose of rapid heating and drying.

2. Microwave can penetrate the heated gadfly instantly, and it only takes a few seconds to a few minutes to heat up, no preheating is needed, and the stopping of heating is instantaneous, with no residual heat.

3. In addition to its fast heating effect, Microwave also makes the water molecules vibrate and promotes the diffusion of water vapor.

4. Since all parts of the heated gadfly are heated at the same time, the whole gadfly can be heated evenly inside and outside, unlike the general conduction heating which produces a large temperature difference between the surface and inside of the gadfly.

5. It is easy to adjust the heating Drying status by the power level, and easy to operate.

6. Industrial Microwave Drying Machine has an automatic temperature control system, which can ensure the continuous work of Industrial Microwave Drying Machine, easy operation, high output, environmental protection, fast heating speed, even heating, controllable and adjustable, Microwave leakage to meet the operating standards.

Data parameters of Maggots Drying Machine Line.

Data parameters of Maggots Drying Machine Line
Model ZJ-15 ZJ-20 ZJ-35
Output (kg/h) 600-650 700-750 800-850
Floor space (㎡) 18 20 24
Heat transfer area (㎡) 1 2 3
Transmission speed (m/min) 0-8 0-10 0-12
Dimension(mm) 1500*1000*2000 2000*2000*2500 3500*3000*4500
Power (kw) 20 30 40
Drying temperature (℃) 100-200
Weight (kg) 1200 1500 1800
Rotation speed (r/min) 15 20 25
Maggots Drying Machine Line Price($) 90000 120000 150000
Microwave Sterilization Equipment Price is the latest promotion price in 2022, please contact our Microwave Sterilization Equipment team for other questions.

Larva Dryer Baking Equipment is equipped with several systems.

Larva Dryer Baking Equipment is equipped with several systems.
1 Automatic temperature control system
2 Automatic Microwave density control system
3 Automatic alarm system
4 4 Video monitoring system
5 Automatic belt deflection system
6 Transmission frequency control system
7 Material control system
8 PLC control systems, etc.
Larva Dryer Baking Equipment flowing operation, simple operation, high output, environmental protection, fast heating speed, uniform heating, good controllability, 24 hours continuous work.

Microwave heating is a new type of heating method. The black gadfly to be dried is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt through the underfeeding device, and the Industrial Microwave Drying Machine is used to heat the black gadfly as a whole during drying. The temperature of the black gadfly is increased so that the water inside the black gadfly spreads to the outside to form the drying.

Customer’s case of Larva Dryer Baking Equipment in 2021.

2021 Larva Dryer Baking Equipment customer deals
1 Canadian customer 600-650kg/h Microwave Drying Equipment
2 Malaysia 800-850kg/h Insect Microwave Drying Equipment
3 Danish customers 700-750kg/H Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment
4 600-650KG/H Customized One Fully Automatic Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer in Europe Factory
2021 Microwave Drying Equipment Customer Buyback
1 Indonesia Customer 800-850kg/h Industrial Drying Equipment
2 600-650kg/H Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line in Canada Factory
3 700-750kg/h Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine in the UK
4 700-750kg/H Larva Dryer Baking Equipment in the Philippines

Frequently asked questions about the Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine.

1. How to repair and maintain Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine?

According to environmental hygiene, arrange the cleaning of electrical appliances, boxes, conveyor belts, and other parts reasonably, especially for the air-cooled Microwave Drying Machine, you need to pay more attention to this.

Keep the environment of Drying. Microwave electrical parts are made of metal, the workshop humidity is high, the surface of metal electrical appliances will be wet, when the power is turned on, the moisture attached to the surface of metal electrical appliances will cause an electrical short circuit, thus burning the appliances.

Regularly open the Larva Dryer Baking Equipment box observation window to clean the debris inside the box.

Equipped with scheduled personnel, a skilled Larva Dryer Baking Equipment operator can maximize the value of using Larva Dryer Baking Equipment.

2. What are the disadvantages of the traditional Drying method?

The traditional Drying method for black gadfly takes too much time in processing black gadfly, and the black gadfly is blackened, not expanded, small in size, and dull in color, which seriously affects the quality of the finished black gadfly. Poor sanitation, high energy loss, low safety, large occupation area, high labor intensity, and inability to guarantee the uniformity, color, and appearance of the black gadfly.

Loyal specializes in the development, manufacture, and sales of Black Soldier Fly Larva Insects Mealworm Conveyor Belt Microwave Dryer. We have a backbone technical team engaged in Microwave application technology research for more than ten years and have accumulated several core technologies of Microwave application, with strong technical strength and guarantee. We can customize according to your requirements, a series of after-sales services to provide you with convenience, we look forward to cooperating with you!