Loyal’s Insect Microwave Drying Equipment covers various fields and industries and can meet the needs of different Insect Microwave Drying Equipment customers for drying, sterilization, baking, greening, maturing, etc. Loyal’s quality of survival, good service as a guarantee Loyal has been well received by different industries such as wood, building materials, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals.

Industrial Tunnel Conveyor Larva Drying Machine adopts a fully automatic production line with adjustable temperature and speed, pure electric energy, ready to use, no need for preheating, saving time and labor cost, and can be customized according to different needs such as output and energy.

Microwave Sterilization Equipment configuration.

Microwave Sterilization Equipment Configuration.
1 Due to the complex environment of black gadfly breeding, the slow speed vibrating sieve is used for vibration cleaning, the vibrating sieve is made of 6 mesh vibrating sieve, 304 stainless steel, the vibrating motor plus spring swing length is 2 meters, the screen is 1.06 meters high from the ground, and the 304 stainless steel mesh sun is used to have anti-corrosion effect.
2 feed hopper has a sealed cover. Transparent plastic observation board to prevent the black gadfly from climbing out, the observation board can be pulled open. At the same time, the feed end is assembled with a strong magnet for adsorbing iron chips.
3 Because of the strong crawling ability of black gadfly, to prevent the black gadfly from crawling into the Drying cavity, the middle fabric is chosen for the width of the conveyor fabric, and the two sides of the conveyor belt are concave and warped at a certain angle, and the conveyor belt has baffle plates on both sides to prevent the black gadfly from falling into the Drying cavity, and to prevent the fabric from sliding apart unevenly during the conveyor process, and the baffle plates from the hopper to the Microwave box. The baffle prevents the black gadfly from climbing out.
4 The conveyor belt is equipped with an automatic brush cleaning tank, which can automatically clean the conveyor belt by adding detergent and water, and the Microwave Drying chamber has a drainage hole, drainage pipe, and drainage tank, which can wash the Microwave Drying chamber with flushing water, and the wastewater after flushing is removed through the sewage pipe.
5 Two sets of temperature control systems are used to control the actual black gadfly Drying temperature. Microwave power is controlled by segmentation and multi-segmentation, and temperature detection is automatically controlled to ensure the Drying process and at the same time ensure the black gadfly temperature.

The effect of Larva Dryer Baking Equipment.

1. The color of the black gadfly after Drying is beautiful and golden.

2. The shape of the black gadfly remains unchanged, with no crumpling, and less protein loss.

3. Drying temperature is low, around 75℃ on the surface of black gadfly can be achieved.

About 2022 product specifications and the latest Larva Dryer Baking Equipment Price:

Model ZL-1 ZL-2 ZL-3
Dimension(mm) 3000*1550*1100 4000*1550*1100 5000*1550*1100
Power (KW) 20-200 20-200 20-200
Rotational speed (r/min) 8 9 10
Heat transfer area (㎡) 30 40 50
Weight (kg) 1500 2500 3500
Larva Dryer Baking Equipment Production capacity (KG/H) 300 500 600
Voltage (V) 380 380 380
Working environment (℃) 0~40 0~40 0~40
0~40 ≥90 ≥90 ≥90
Microwave leakage (MW/cm²) ≤2 ≤2 ≤2
Larva Dryer Baking Equipment Price($) 26500 30000 51200
The price of this Larva Dryer Baking Equipment is an upgrade price for 2022. Please contact our Larva Dryer Baking Equipment team

The Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line has the following outstanding advantages.

1. Processing time is greatly reduced and easy to control.

2. High quality of black gadfly, straight condition, no bending, high puffiness, golden color, good freshness maintenance, low water, and nutrient loss.

3. With sterilization, low bacterial content, high processing efficiency, low cost, and low energy consumption.

4. Small footprint, labor cost, and environmental health are improved.

Microwave Drying Equipment power supply of the three main features.

1. Integrated design, good stability, low failure rate, integrated design, lightweight, and high reliability.

2. Energy-efficient and more power-saving, comes with a fan, good heat dissipation.

3. Digital power supply intelligent control, adapt to the global grid.

2021 Customer Order Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Tenebrio Mealworm Sterilization Drying Machine
1 500kg/H Self Constant Larva Dryer Drying Machine for sale in the Netherlands
2 600kg/H Fully Automatic Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Zambia
3 500kg/H Insect Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Denmark
4 300kg/H Pollution-free Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment in Europe Factory
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Microwave Drying Equipment At 2021
1 Colombian customer 600kg/H Customized one Fully Automatic Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer
2 Nigerian Customer 500kg/H Fully Automatic Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven
3 Canadian customer 600kg/H Customized one Multi-purpose Industrial Conveyor Larva Microwave Drying Equipment
4 Indonesian customer 300kg/H Fully Automatic Industrial Drying Equipment

Frequently asked questions about Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. What are the differences between Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer and the traditional method?

The traditional method is based on the heat conduction principle, which takes a long time and consumes a lot of manpower, and Drying is not uniform, which can easily lead to the phenomenon of “black paste inside” of the black gadfly, and the black gadfly after Drying is black, bent, dull and colorless, not expanded, and smaller. The black gadfly will deteriorate in about two hours, which will cause a lot of waste and increase the investment cost of the enterprise.

Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer is based on the principle of Microwave Drying, which has the effect of puffing while Drying, and the black gadfly is uniform inside and outside of Drying, with golden color, fragrant taste, and crispy texture, which can greatly retain the nutrients of black gadfly, and also has the effect of sterilization, which can increase the shelf life of black gadfly. The shelf life of black gadfly, black gadfly preservation time up to six months or more.

2. What is the preparation for using Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven?

Check whether the power supply of Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven is normal, it must be well grounded to avoid leakage; observe whether the door is closed to prevent leakage of Microwave; adjust all controls on the control panel to the “off” state; prepare the black gadfly to be dried. The black water gadfly; close the air switch of the main power supply and set the speed motor control panel display adjustment to zero.

Loyal is a large company in the Microwave industry, and the Industrial Microwave Drying Machine is used in various industries such as chemical, food, and agricultural products. At the same time, Loyal Company has been implementing technical exchanges with relevant scientific research institutions for a long time, constantly developing ideas to improve scientific research capabilities, and striving to build a “strong enterprise” with “superior talents, superior management, superior technology, and superior equipment”, we look forward to your visit!