Loyal is mainly engaged in the production line of Microwave energy, air energy, and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. Our main products include the Insects Microwave Drying Machine, which is recognized by most manufacturers for its energy-saving and environmentally friendly features and has been sold not only in the domestic market but also in many overseas countries.

Yellow mealworms are heated evenly under the direct action of a Microwave Drying Machine without heat conduction. It is hygienic and efficient, and the puffing effect is better than the conventional process. Meanwhile, it has sterilization efficacy under the dual effect of thermal and non-thermal effects of Microwave. Compared with the traditional method, the production environment is good; there is no thermal inertia. The yellow mealworms are crispy and crisp, with a rich aroma, high puffing rate, natural color, and fewer nutrients.

Microwave Drying Equipment Application Scope.

1. Microwave Drying Equipment can be used to process food, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.

2. Not only for Drying and sterilization but also for baking, puffing, ripening, tempering and freezing, mellowing, ripening, etc.

3. It strongly promotes the good development of various industries. It improves the quality of insects while also transforming and replacing traditional methods, widening the way for the renewal, development, and production of Microwave Drying Equipment.

Equipment parameters of Larva Dryer Equipment.

Equipment parameters of Larva Dryer Equipment Larva Dryer Equipment
Larva Dryer Equipment Model A-100 A-110 A-120 A-130
Size (mm) 2000*1500*1400 2500*1800*1700 2800*1800*2000 3000*2400*2500
Microwave Drying chamber size(mm) 1800*1000*1200 2000*1000*1200 2200*1500*1500 2500*1800*2000
Power(KW) 32 36 48 50
Microwave Leakage(mw/cm²) <2 <2 <2 <2
Microwave system transformer(kg) Pure copper 8((air-cooled) Pure copper 8((air-cooled) Pure copper 8((air-cooled) Pure copper 8((air-cooled)
Microwave Drying Equipment Production capacity(kg/h) 750 850 950 1000
Microwave Temperature Control Range(℃) 0-200 0-200 0-200 0-200
Insect Microwave Drying Equipment Price ($) 86000 98000 120000 146000
Insect Microwave Drying Equipment Price is the latest promotion price for 2022; please contact our Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven team for other questions.

Microwave Drying Machine in operation.

Microwave Drying Machine in operation
Compartment The drying box is equipped with two wind-loop shelves for the placement of yellow meal insects and can be adjusted according to the size of the yellow meal insects’ whole shelf spacing.
Placement of yellow flies Do not hit the sensor in the chamber when placing the insects to avoid damaging the sensor’s temperature measurement head.
Turn on the power The on/off switch corresponding to the current of the Drying box should be installed.
Set temperature Set the temperature according to insects such as yellow flies, black gadflies, and worms.
Turn on the blower switch. When you turn on the blower switch, you must turn on the exhaust valve at the top of the box.
Turn on the temperature display. Microwave Drying Machine is a digital display temperature controller. When you set the temperature, press the temperature setting number on the instrument panel to the desired temperature to start working.
Temperature Adjustment When the machine is turned on, to get accelerated temperature rise time, the heating switch will be hit too high temperature, and two groups of heaters will be heated at the same time; after reaching the constant temperature, the heating switch can be hit to low temperature, and only one group of heaters will be left to work to save electricity consumption.
Open the vent Turn on the top of the box before the exhaust valve rotates open about 10mm to facilitate the transformation of air convection in the box, and it will be damp and exhaust gas.
Lower the temperature Start lowering the temperature after the yellow powder worm is almost Drying finished.
Turn off the power switch. Do not open the door immediately after turning off the power.
Turn off the blower switch. After turning off the blower switch, do not rush to close the exhaust valve on top of the box.
Take out the yellow flies. After closing each switch, open the door after a while before taking out the yellow mealworms to avoid burning your hands.
Drying good yellow flour worm

Insect Microwave Drying Equipment advantages:

1. Using food-grade stainless steel safe and reliable.

2. One machine for multiple uses, Drying, sterilization, killing, baking, ripening, puffing, baking, etc.

3. Overall beautiful and smooth, fully automatic intelligent touch screen operation.

4. Equipped with exclusive heat dissipation protection device, long service life.

5. Low noise.

6. The overall moisture exhaust function is more stable in operation.

7. Can be customized according to demand, generally in 10-15 working days to complete.

2021 Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer’s customer transaction cases.

2021 Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer Customer Transactions
1 750kg/h Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Mexico
2 850kg/h Pollution-free Industrial Tunnel Conveyor Larva Drying Machine for sale in Canada
3 950kg/h Microwave Drying Equipment for a Zambian customer
Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer customer repurchase
1 1000kg/H Fully Automatic Insect Microwave Drying Equipment for sale in Denmark
2 750kg/H Industrial Microwave Drying Machine for sale in the Netherlands
3 950kg/H Insects Microwave Drying Machine for a customer in Nigeria

Frequently asked questions about Insect Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. What is yellow mealworm? What is the market for yellow mealworms now?

Yellow mealworm, also called breadworm, is native to North America. The larvae, pupae, and adults of yellow mealworm contain high protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other nutrients, and the protein of fresh yellow mealworm is higher than milk, eggs, pigs, and sheep. The protein content of fish is similar.

Mainly used for protein refining and feeding, the country gradually spread the trend of the country, generally used for breeding fish and birds and other pets. The south appeared for yellow mealworm farming, poultry and fish, and other high-quality organic products. However, the price is relatively high but loved by people.

2. What is the function of yellow mealworms?

After Drying, yellow mealworms can be made into edible snacks, feed, and food additives such as deep processing and protein extraction. It is also an economic insect that can be used to treat a large amount of agricultural waste, such as tailing vegetables, and the dung can be made into organic fertilizer. Yellow mealworms have good taste, a unique flavor and are easily accepted by the consumer market. They can be baked, fried, processed into protein drinks with a nutty flavor, refined protein powder, and many other forms of food.

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