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Larva Dryer Drying Machine instant heating Drying can achieve automatic uniform fabric, one person can operate Larva Dryer Drying Machine, flowing operation one key to start, save the labor, effective sterilization, extend the shelf life of black gadfly, can achieve 24 hours non-stop production.

The working principle of Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine.

Working principle of Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine
A microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a frequency between 300MHZ. The water molecules in the heating medium are polar. Under the action of a rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field, its polar orientation will change with the change of the applied electric field. The molecular motion is caused by the mutual friction effect. At this time, the field energy of the Microwave Field is converted into heat energy in the medium, which raises the temperature of the black water gadfly and produces a series of physicochemical processes such as thermalization and expansion to achieve the purpose of Microwave Drying.

For 2022 product specifications and the latest Insect Microwave Drying Equipment Price:

Insect Microwave Drying Equipment Model KC-300 KC-320 KC-340
Inlet and outlet height (mm) 80 (customizable) 5000*3500*5000
Microwave power (KW) 40 50 60
Ambient temperature (℃) 5-40
Inverter speed control(m/min) 0~5
Water consumption (m³/h) 0.3
Control system PLC automatic control system
Industrial Tunnel Microwave Dryer Machine Production capacity (KG/H) 500 700 900
Microwave frequency (MHz) 2450±50 2450±50 2450±50
Dimension (mm) 3500*2000*3500 5000*3500*5000 7480*4000*7500
Insect Microwave Drying Equipment Price($) 40000 60000 78000
The price of this Insect Microwave Drying Equipment is an upgrade price for 2022. Please contact our Insect Microwave Drying Equipment team

Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven Details.

1. Highly mechanized, Drying is highly mechanized and has a large capacity for continuous operation.

2. Excellent structure. Excellent structure, simple, smooth operation of black gadfly through barrel resistance, easy operation.

3. Faultless. Fault less, low maintenance cost, low functional wear, and tear.

Tenebrio Drying Microwave Oven manufacturer advantages.

Cost-effective → Environmentally friendly material → Durable → Flexible operation → Support customization → Experienced → Provide test machine → Fast delivery → Perfect after-sales service → Quality assurance → On-site installation → Free training → One-year warranty → Free replacement of spare parts during the warranty period → Lifetime maintenance

Maintenance of Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment.

Maintenance of Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment.
1 Indoor working environment temperature should be maintained in the humidity should be maintained in the range of 30%~75%.
2 To have a person in charge of the Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment, do the inspection and maintenance records.
3 Must be kept clean, good heat dissipation.
4 After the day’s operation and use, first cut off the power supply and check whether the wires of each component are exposed or broken; then clean the dust barrier or dust collection bag of the Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment.
5 The air supply system should frequently check the air pressure, Drying agent and record the frequency of start-up.
6 Regularly (at least once a month, and immediately after bad weather must be checked) check the Microwave source system to see if there are any abnormalities in the Microwave leakage system, Microwave transmission system, and Microwave control system; if the inspection results are not up to standard, the overhaul and replacement must be implemented immediately.

2021 Customer Order Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line
1 900kg/H Self Constant Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line for sale in Mexico
2 500kg/H Fully Automatic Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine for Zambian customers
3 700kg/H Customized one Pollution-free Microwave Drying Machine in Europe Factory
4 500kg/H Pollution-free Larva Dryer Drying Machine sold in New Zealand
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine Line At 2021
1 UK Customer 980kg/H Customized one Fully Automatic Microwave Drying Equipment
2 Nigerian Customer 860kg/H Fully Automatic Insect Microwave Drying Equipment
3 French customer 860kg/H Customized one Multi-purposeTenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment
4 750kg/H Fully Automatic Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer for sale in India

Frequently asked questions about Industrial Drying Equipment.

1. What should I do when I shut down the Industrial Drying Equipment?

When you are ready to shut down the machine, you should observe the position of the black gadfly that needs to be dried and click the Microwave control switch of the Microwave heating box where the black gadfly needs to be dried has finished walking in order. The Microwave system can be turned off.

After the black gadfly that needs to be Drying has finished walking and the Microwave is turned off, you must first return the speed adjustment knob of the inverter control board to zero, then press the stop button to stop walking the belt, then return to the control loop screen and click the drive off button on the screen to turn off the conveyor system. Click the dehumidification control key on the screen to turn off the dehumidification fan. Click the cooling fan key on the screen after five minutes to turn off the cooling system. Turn off the console power switch, pull down the air switch, and cut off the main power.

2.60KW Tunnel Conveyor Belt Type Black Soldier Fly Drying Machine What are the precautions for maintenance?

A person should be designated to operate, store and maintain the machine. The operator must strictly follow the operating procedures and is strictly forbidden to leave his post when working.

When there is no black gadfly or other insects in the tunnel box, it is strictly prohibited to start the machine at no load to avoid artificial damage to the Industrial Tunnel Larva Microwave Drying Equipment.

During normal operation, metal materials are not allowed to enter the sterilization box, so as not to cause high-frequency fire, damage to the Industrial Tunnel Larva Microwave Drying Equipment. normal operation, it is strictly prohibited to open the furnace door on the box. Each shift should be cleaned in time to keep the tunnel box clean. The electrical part of the maintenance must be cut off the power supply, by the special person to carry out maintenance, pay attention to safety.

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