Black gadfly is the product of choice as people’s living standards continue to improve and consumer attitudes change. With its rapid reproduction and high absorption rate, the black gadfly can feed on livestock manure and household waste to produce high-value animal protein feed and is used to treat animal manure and food waste.

However, a live black gadfly needs to be dried in bulk before it can be applied; otherwise, it will result in a scene of a live black gadfly wriggling everywhere, and I am sure you will not want to see that image. So how to dry Black Soldier Fly? Let’s learn more about it!

How To Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Microwave Drying Machine

There are many different ways to dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae, but Microwave Drying is the most suitable method. Microwave Drying is the ideal way to dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae compared to traditional drying methods. It is fast and even, and no bacteria will grow.

The color of the black gadfly after drying in the drying oven is not much different from that of live insects and the infrared light heat shrinkage oven is used, and the drying is also sterilized, which is safe and convenient. However, the capacity of the drying box is not large, the one-time drying of black gadfly production is limited, and it takes a day at a time.

The traditional way of drying black gadflies is sun-drying, fire-drying, etc. The weather greatly affects the yield and productivity, and there is no sterilization equipment traditionally to ensure the hygiene of the black gadfly drying process, which can easily lead to a large loss of nutrients and bacterial growth of black gadfly.

The Microwave Drying method takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. The Microwave penetrates directly into the black gadfly and heats the inside and outside of the gadfly simultaneously, without causing the “outside to paste and inside to grow” situation. Drying black gadflies can also be sterilized simultaneously so that black gadflies’ color, taste, and nutrients can be well preserved.

Microwave Drying Machine is ready to use, no preheating, instantaneous heating and drying, automatic and even fabric, one person can operate it, one key to start the flowing operation. The Microwave Drying Machine is ready to use; no preheating, instantaneous heating and drying, automatic and uniform fabric, one person can operate it, one key to start the operation.

The role of Insect Microwave Drying Equipment.

1. Greatly ensure the effective nutrients of black gadfly, maintain the original color and luster, and prolong the shelf life of black gadfly.

2. Drying, sterilization, insecticide, and mold prevention can be done simultaneously, shortening the processing process.

3. Short time and fast speed. Generally, 3 or 4 minutes are enough, which greatly saves time.

4. Tenebrio Mealworm Microwave Drying Equipment has a simple structure, advanced technology, is easy to operate, saves floor space, saves energy, and improves labor conditions.

Features of Microwave Sterilization Equipment.

 Penetrating heating, fast heating speed, uniform heatingMicrowave heating makes the blackwater gadfly itself a heating object. Regardless of the shape, microwave heating of all parts of the blackwater gadfly usually can evenly penetrate electromagnetic waves to generate heat.
 Selective heating, energy saving.Microwave has different effects on different shapes and properties of a black gadfly because water molecules absorb microwaves extremely well. Hence, the extremely high water content parts absorb extremely high microwave power, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high.
Easy to operate, easy to controlMicrowave heating can instantly achieve the purpose of lifting, opening, and stopping, thermal inertia is very small, the application of fully automatic plus touch control screen.
 Environmentally friendly, clean, and hygienicLarva Dryer Baking Equipment heating box comprises metal stainless steel. The discharge is equipped with a fully sealed hopper and dust recovery device.
 Safe and harmlessMicrowave Drying Equipment uses advanced design and excellent processing so that the microwave leakage at the inlet and outlet, observation window, and the door is much better than the standard.

Industrial Conveyor Microwave Dryer can quickly dry the black gadfly in batches to ensure that the black gadfly does not lose nutrients; simple and flexible operation, improving all the disadvantages of the traditional method, you can rest assured to choose us, looking forward to your call!